Our range of plastic coat hangers includes different styles and thicknesses to suit your display and budget requirements.  Read more…

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White Hanger Connectors

SKU: 271005
£0.08 ExVAT

Rounded Plastic Hangers (420 mm) | Different Colours

SKU: 261605P
From £0.48 ExVAT

Plastic Kiddies’ Hangers

SKU: 261705P
From £0.49 ExVAT

Black Sock Hangers for Retail Displays

SKU: 271405
£0.11 ExVAT

Expanding Skirt Hangers

SKU: 260105P
From £0.67 ExVAT

Plastic Budget Clothes Hangers (410 mm)

SKU: 261105
£0.16 ExVAT

Plastic Clip Hangers For Skirts & Trousers

SKU: 260705P
From £0.36 ExVAT

Black Belt Hangers For Retail

SKU: 271315
£0.17 ExVAT

Black Plastic Shoe Hangers for Retail

SKU: 271205
£0.30 ExVAT

Hanger Connectors 100 mm (4″)

SKU: 271105
£0.08 ExVAT

Rounded Plastic Trouser Hangers | Different Colours

SKU: 261505P
From £0.44 ExVAT

Tie Hangers for Retail Displays

SKU: 271305
£0.21 ExVAT

Black Scarf Clips

SKU: 270705
£0.22 ExVAT

Black Plastic Scarf Hanger

SKU: 270805
£0.42 ExVAT

Adjustable Plastic Trouser Hangers / Skirt Hangers

SKU: 260605P
From £1.09 ExVAT

Black Straight Dress Hangers (430 mm)

SKU: 261206-S
£0.89 ExVAT

Black Plastic Wishbone Hangers (420 mm)

SKU: 261005
£0.91 ExVAT

White Scarf Clips

SKU: 270710
£0.16 ExVAT

Economy Black Plastic Trouser Hangers (360 mm)

SKU: 261405
£0.61 ExVAT

Clear Plastic Lingerie Hangers (240 mm)

SKU: 260805
£0.44 ExVAT

Plastic Hangers

Our range of plastic coat hangers includes different styles and thicknesses to suit your display and budget requirements. This economy range of plastic hangers is cost-effective and comes in black, white, and a choice of colours.

Plastic hangers are an affordable method of hanging clothes in your chosen space. They are a great, low-cost option for new retailers who may have a larger requirement when opening stores. Whilst seen in a stockroom, plastic hangers are also widely used on the shop floor. Impactful colours such as reds, pinks and yellows can make your shop stand out from the crowd! Not only that, because of their low cost and no minimum order quantities, plastic hangers can even be purchased for home use.

Some of these hangers come with notches for clothes hanging loops to help your items stay put. We also supply trouser hangers which come in a variety of styles, with clips, notches, or expanding mechanisms to keep both skirts and trousers on their hangers. Our accessories hangers come in a variety of styles and are well suited to a range of purposes, such as hanging scarves, gloves, hats, belts, and ties.

We also supply hanger connector grips which slide over the hook of a hanger allowing another hanger to be hung from the connector. These are ideal for retailers who would like to keep items together such as a suit jacket and trousers.

Not sure which hanger is right for your items? Contact our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000