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Huggable Hangers (10 Pack)

SKU: 261350P
From £7.50 ExVAT

Black Non Slip & Space Saving Hangers

SKU: 261305
£0.86 ExVAT

300mm Rubber Coated Hangers

SKU: 261306
£0.70 ExVAT

Non Slip & Space Saving Trouser Hangers (50Pc)

SKU: 261315
£167.75 ExVAT

Non Slip Suit Hangers (25 Pc)

SKU: 261325
£88.54 ExVAT

Non Slip Suit Hangers With Centre Bars (25 Pc)

SKU: 261320
£155.58 ExVAT

Non-Slip Hangers

Our range of non slip coat hangers includes several space-saving hangers. They are a great solution for retailers and homeowners who would like to fit more clothes onto their rails. Complete with their rubber or flocked finishes, they save space and time spent re-hanging clothes.

We have also recently introduced Huggable Hangers to our range. These come in a range of colours and also have a flocked finish to help your items stay put. They come in a range of colours that are a great way to compliment your brand. Furthermore. they can also be used as a visual aid to combine particular collections around your shop.

We also stock non slip clothes hangers that have gloss black rubber finishes, which are great for helping your clothes stay on the hanger. Their minimalist and interesting designs add some unique style to your retail space. Our range includes both asymmetric and symmetrical curvy shapes.

If you already have a set of hangers that you’d like to add extra grip to, we’ve developed our own solution. Our hanger grips fit straight onto your existing hangers quickly and easily. The grips come in black, clear and in a thin and broad width to allow for different clothing types.

If you are looking for a non-slip hanger but cannot find the style that you are looking for, please contact one of our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000.