What are Slatwall Panels?

Slatwall panels, or slatboards, are wall fixtures composed of MDF materials. They offer a sleek and sturdy space to showcase products with the added advantage of adjustable configurations. They are suitable for various merchandise such as clothing, hardware, toys and accessories. The boards are space-efficient and have a high storage capacity, taking up little space once installed. It’s a popular choice for many retailers but can also be used in domestic settings as a wall-mounted storage system. Furthermore, each board can be used with multiple slatwall fittings, including hooks, shelves and brackets. A standard Slatboard panel is manufactured from an MDF board with T-shaped grooves cut horizontally across the board. Slatwall Inserts can also provide a clean finish and protect the board from damage. However, we also have a range of plastic panels, ideal for exhibitions and temporary displays.

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Slatwall Inserts

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White Slatwall Panels

SKU: 145125P
From £31.35 ExVAT

Cream Slatwall Panels

SKU: 145105P
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Plastic Slatwall Panels

SKU: 145280
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Black Slatwall Panels

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Grey Slatwall Panels

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Beech Slatwall Panels

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Rustic Oak Slatwall Panels

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Graphite Slatwall Panels

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Walnut Slatwall Panels

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Plastic Slatwall Panel Screws (100 Pack)

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MDF Slatwall Panels

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Maple Slatwall Panels

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Plastic Slatwall Panel – Large

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Pewter Slatwall Panels

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Slatwall Panels

Our Slatboards come in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes. Choose between a raw MDF, single colour or wooden board. These versatile panels are manufactured from robust MDF and are available in many colours and wooden effects, allowing you to incorporate them seamlessly into your store’s aesthetic. The panel sizes offered are 1200mm x 1200mm square and 2400mm high x 1200mm wide, providing comprehensive coverage and display options for your retail needs.

Slat wall panels are easy to install in a retail space. The panels can be easily attached to a wall using standard tools and mounting methods. To leverage maximum benefits, ensure the Slatwall accessories are well-spaced and maintain a tidy, non-cluttered presentation. Remember, the eyes of shoppers are drawn to clean, well-organised displays.

To learn more about Slatwall systems, visit our Slatwall information page.

How are the boards shipped?

Please note that Slatboards are one of the heaviest and bulkiest products we ship. A standard 1200mm x 1200mm panel weighs 20kg. Therefore, the boards are delivered on a pallet for easier and safer transportation. Alternatively, we offer customers the option of collecting their items directly from our UK warehouse in Fareham, Hampshire. Place your order on the website and select collect in person from the delivery options.

Can Slatboards be supplied in other colours or sizes?

We also offer a bespoke option for customers with unique designs. All wooden boards can be supplied in any colour by spraying a standard raw MDF panel with our specialist paint. Also, boards can easily be cut down to fit any space. Call one of our Display Experts on 01329 842000 with your requirements. We’d be happy to help.

In summary, Slatwall panels offer impressive, flexible display solutions that can invigorate your store’s visual appeal. Their adaptability, ease of use, and diverse aesthetic options make them an excellent choice for retailers aiming to maximise product visibility. Plus, our UK warehouse stocks a comprehensive variety of Slat walling, ready for your immediate pick-up. Don’t delay, shop our Slatwall display collection and elevate your retail space today!

The Display Centre supplies over 4,000 retail displays and business supplies. For more information about this, or any of our products, please use our Contact Us page.