Retail Equipment

For your stores and shops, The Display Centre has a comprehensive selection of retail equipment. We aim to satisfy all of our customer’s needs, which is why we provide a wide range of products under one roof! Some of the retail equipment we provide includes letter boards, acrylic, poster, and window displays, to name just a few.

This section contains a variety of products that can improve your customers’ retail experience. Whether it’s making it easy for customers to buy something by utilising a shopping basket or having your exhibit stand out from the crowd by using a motorised turntable. After all, we believe that how you display is as important as what you display.  As a result, you will find a variety of retail equipment in this section of our website that will assist you in successfully making your displays unique.

Display Boards

Our letter boards, chalkboards, and whiteboards make it simple to communicate with your customers. They provide an alternative mode of communication to traditional signage and are easily adaptable.

Display Turntables

We have one of the largest retail turntable selections in the UK. We provide not only modest and inexpensive manual turntables but also larger motorised turntables that can really complement your store environment.

Shopping Baskets

A shopping basket is essential if you want to encourage customers to buy additional things while browsing your store. We provide baskets ideal for most shop environments, and many of them can even be made to order.

Acrylic Displays

Our acrylic display stands are among the most popular display systems. These are employed in a variety of businesses and may be found anywhere from reception desks to estate agents to offices. We also provide a choice of counter-standing and free-standing literature holders, as well as poster frames.

Poster Displays

We also offer poster displays and browsers in a variety of sizes. These units can extend the life of a standard paper poster while also allowing you to display your message both inside and outside.

Window Displays

We understand that part of making your window display ‘pop’ is ensuring that it’s eye-catching and stands out from the competition. Choose between cable and rod displays that can display either acrylic or LED pockets.

We are always on hand to help you find what you are looking for. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.