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Digital Display Screens

Our wide selection of digital display screens offers many solutions for advertising and interactive signage. Whether you require small POS screens for product demonstrations or large freestanding screens for capturing the attention of customers and passers-by – we can help. Digital display screens use commercial LCD and LED screen technology to communicate your message in almost any environment. From retail shops to hospitality venues, corporate offices to hospitals, there is almost always a need for one of these displays.

Digital signage solutions give businesses the freedom to have a single screen or to have several displays which can all be controlled centrally. The latter is very popular with retail chains that would like to be able to change their stores’ promotions remotely and simultaneously – without having to send out printed items. Our screens can be purchased as plug ‘n’ play. This allows you to simply plug in a USB stick with your artwork and it comes onto the screen!

Digital Network Screens:

  • Connected to the internet via wi-fi or network cable and updated via our CMS.
  • Simple to change the contents of the screen remotely, from any location.
  • Update multiple screens in different locations at the same time, ideal for national retailers.
  • Multiple media images and playlists can be stored centrally on the CMS for future use.
  • Ideal if screens are installed in a location where they are hard to reach.

Plug ‘n’ Play Screens:

  • The simplest way of updating digital signage screens.
  • Simply insert a USB memory stick into the screen and the media will begin to play and loop.
  • Perfect if you do not need to update the content regularly.
  • Best installed in an area where you can swap out the USB stick easily.


The full range of screens includes both free-standing and wall-mounted displays. Furthermore, the majority of our units have the option of an indoor or outdoor display. These options give the user the flexibility of installing a display in many areas, including playing adverts 24/7 in all venues.

In addition, commercial display screens are a significant improvement to a standard LCD or LED TV panel. There is no comparison! Our screens are manufactured to withstand high-traffic environments and harsh weather conditions. The screens are weather and vandal-proof, and extremely strong. Just give it a tap to find out.

Digital advertising screens come with many added benefits:

  • 3+ Year Warranty on many models
  • Designed to withstand 24/7 use in a professional environment
  • A range of sizes and styles to suit any budget and specification
  • Update a screen’s display individually, or update multiple sites with just a few clicks
  • High-quality screens that are built to last
  • LCD with LED backlighting
  • A huge range of screen stands and styles to choose from
  • Choose between image screens and interactive screens
  • Full in-house tech support


If you’re not sure which size, style or digital display screen or board is right for you, then Download The Display Centre Digital Signage Displays Catalogue for more information.

Otherwise, make our day and ask for our help or advice.  You can call our display experts any time on 01329 842 000