What is a Letter Board?

A Letter board is a framed board with a unique surface designed for arranging, removing, and replacing letters or numbers. These boards are an ideal way to display information in various locations.

Letter boards are a fun and engaging way to express creativity and share messages. They have a rich history and various applications, from advertising to event signage. Nowadays, letter boards are more versatile and customisable, made from materials such as wood and plastic. They are now used in many industries and settings, from homes and offices to retail stores and social media. Our letter boards are perfect for restaurants, window displays, table reservation signs, and more.

Using a letter board in your retail store or café has a lot of advantages. You can easily update menus, promotions, or essential information, catering to your business needs and keeping customers informed. The quick and hassle-free changing boosts efficiency and reduces overall costs associated with traditional signage.

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Letter Board Letters & Numbers

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Peg Letter Boards

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Letter Board Tiles & Clips

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Small Coloured Frame Letter Boards

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Social Media & Currency Letter Board Pack

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Letter Boards

Tips and Tricks for Using Peg Letter Boards:

To use peg letter boards effectively, select the best size and style for your needs and arrange letters and symbols to maximise visual impact. To enhance the message, change the font and colour of the letters and add visual elements such as emojis or icons.

The majority of customers base their choices on two factors. Firstly, how much wall space is available to hang the peg notice board? Secondly, how much information needs to be displayed on the board? A common choice is to add freestanding, small, coloured frame boards to supplement medium or large letter boards. This allows business owners to display their chief information coupled with promotional messages.

Our boards come with a range of letters, numbers and characters and it’s easy to get your display started within minutes. However, if you need extra characters, we also supply in white, yellow and red, and social media and currency sets.

You can shop our boards online, or if after a bespoke option, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Uniquely, we can source these for you too! See how other customers use peg boards in our blog post “10 Reasons Letter Boards Are So Popular”.

Please note, these are for internal use only. Boards can be affected by long-term outside temperature extremities and UV bleaching.

In summary, letter boards offer high adaptability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effective communication for retail businesses. Available in various sizes and with wall mounting capabilities, these boards are prepared for immediate dispatch from our UK warehouse.

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