Kimble Tags

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Standard Polypropylene Kimble Tags (5000 Box)

SKU: 490305P
From £6.33 ExVAT

Loop Fastening Tags (Box of 5000)

SKU: 490915
£35.59 ExVAT

Kimble Hook Attachments (5000 Box)

SKU: 490400P
From £10.95 ExVAT

Loop Kimble Fasteners Fixed Length

SKU: 490605P
From £23.75 ExVAT

Dennison Nylon Kimble Tags (5000 Box)

SKU: 490325P
From £16.33 ExVAT

Dennison Kimble Loop/Pin (5000 Box)

SKU: 490905
£18.97 ExVAT

Bead Ties Adjustable 127mm (1000 Pack)

SKU: 490505
£16.95 ExVAT

Kimble Tags

What Are Kimble Tags?

Kimble tags are a popular way for retailers to tag their products professionally. They are quick and easy to use, and when combined with a quality label, provide a professional finish to your items. Not only are they used to attach prices, but they are also useful when attaching multiple garments. For example, loose socks or gloves can be attached in pairs by using one of the larger tags.

Our Kimble tags come in a range of different designs and styles for attaching tags. There are different styles to be chosen from including tags with hook attachments, loop fasteners, bead ties and standard tags. Simply load your chosen tags into your Kimble gun and pull the trigger to feed the tags through.

Each tag is manufactured from polypropylene or nylon and comes in large pack sizes ready for retail use. This strong plastic material ensures that the tags are difficult to remove and will not break easily.

The most popular colour is clear/natural, but we can also supply a range of other colours including black and red.

Although most would assume tagging gun tags are uneconomical, we also have a range of eco-friendly attachments. These attachments are made from recycled polyethene terephthalate (rPET), mainly from plastic from recycled bottles. In addition, they contain at least 90% post-consumer waste. Please note, that these tags are only to be used with standard tagging guns.

Need help deciding which tags to use? Get in touch with our Display Experts on 01329 842 000