The style of pegboard is just as important as the items being displayed on it…

Pegboard fixtures are ideal for displaying and selling fashion accessories, hardware and small tech items. Read more…

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Pegboard Hooks (12)


Pegboard fixtures are ideal for displaying and selling fashion accessories, hardware, and small tech items. Alternatively, they are also a perfect addition to any home office, storage space or garage. Our pegboard fixtures make it simple to create attractive displays with plenty of storage space. Furthermore, you can easily make a versatile and eye-catching display by simply painting a wooden pegboard a different colour.

To install, mount the pegboard onto a wall using spacers and standard screw fittings which can be purchased at your local DIY store. Alternatively, hang them on the inside of cupboards and doorways to create some fantastic space-saving storage. The boards are manufactured from 3.2mm fibreboard, so are lightweight and easy to install. However, if you have limited space we can also cut the pegboard to size.

There is a wide range of hooks, arms, rails, and acrylic accessories available, allowing you to create the perfect display.  The accessories can be inserted into any of the holes on the boards. Remember, you must ensure that you are buying accessories for the correct hole spacing. It is also worth noting, that spacers are required when mounting the panels so the hooks fit securely. However, if you need assistance locating spacers, our wall-mounted sign supports are a great option.

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