Display Furniture

The Display Centre has a large selection of display furniture for retail stores and events. Our goal is to suit all of our client’s demands, thus we offer a variety of items under one roof! Shop counters, glass cabinets, and showcases, as well as digital screens, wire baskets, and spinners, are examples of these products.

This section covers several products that, when used wisely, can provide significant value to your retail business. After all, we believe that how you display is as important as what you display.  As a result, in this section of our website, you will find a selection of furniture that will assist you in effectively merchandising your items.

Shop Counters & Cabinets

Our range of glass display units, glass displays cabinets and showcases provides elegant solutions for almost any type of product. They offer benefits such as the bonus of being lockable, making them popular with jewellers, watch shops, electrical shops, and cake makers. We have even had some customers who buy them for their living rooms! Available in a choice of colours including silver, black and made-to-order white display cabinets.

Digital Display Screens

We have one of the largest selections of Digital Screens & video walls in the UK. This technology not only grabs your customer’s attention but can be used as a commercial screen, a media player and a content management system.

Card Displays & Spinners

If you’re looking to show cards or leaflets, our spinners and racks are a perfect choice. They are suited for use in hotels, gift shops, greeting card shops and many other establishments. If you need a large number of specifically sized racks, we can create bespoke options too.

Dump Bins & Baskets

We also provide a range of dump baskets and wire racks. Our wire dump baskets are a great way to attract attention to items as customers commonly associate dump baskets with bargains.

Glass Cube Display Units

Our glass cubes are a popular way of showing fashion accessories, homeware and delicate items. They make it easy for customers to see your products from different angles.

We are always on hand to help you find what you are looking for. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.