Our wooden coat hangers come in a variety of different shapes and styles for any type of clothing and we try to use responsibly sourced wood where possible. Read more…

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Rounded Wishbone Wooden Hangers with Centre Bars & Notches (450 mm)

SKU: 255105
£0.72 ExVAT

Wooden Clamp Trouser Hangers

SKU: 255505
£0.88 ExVAT

Wooden Clip Hangers (350 mm)

SKU: 255120
£1.36 ExVAT

Laminated Wooden Trouser Hangers (370 mm)

SKU: 255405
£1.19 ExVAT

Rounded Wooden Wishbone Hangers with Notches & Non-Slip Centre Bar (450 mm)

SKU: 255110
£0.89 ExVAT

Wooden Wishbone Hotel Hangers (450 mm)

SKU: 255515
£1.21 ExVAT

Wooden Shaped Clothes Hangers (430 mm)

SKU: 255525
£0.76 ExVAT

Broad Wooden Coat Hangers With Non-Slip Centre Bar (450 mm)

SKU: 255205
£2.19 ExVAT

Wooden Hangers

SKU: 255520
£0.74 ExVAT

Wooden Suit Hangers With Clips (430 mm)

SKU: 255305
£1.68 ExVAT

Wishbone Children’s Wooden Hangers (300 mm)

SKU: 255115
£1.04 ExVAT

Wooden Jacket Hangers (430 mm)

SKU: 255530
£1.99 ExVAT

Hanger Stacker

SKU: 262105
£88.29 ExVAT

Wooden Hangers

Our wooden coat hangers come in a range of shapes and styles to cater to different tastes and budgets. While your decision should be based on style and price, it should also take into account the types of clothing that you sell. If you sell knitwear with hanging loops, then you may prefer a slightly broader hanger with notches. However, if you are looking to hang more delicate items, then slim hangers are more suitable.

We’ll always aim to supply responsibly sourced wooden clothes hangers. This is why you will find that many of the product descriptions cite our FSC hangers.

As well as wooden hangers, we also supply wooden laminated hangers. These laminated hangers allow for more complicated styling, and if you would like a specific finish or branded hangers, we also have a bespoke option.

Furthermore, all of our wooden hangers can be branded with your logo using one of three methods. These include printing; where we can stamp your logo onto the hangers using a bespoke mould. Laser engraving; where we use a high-intensity laser to cut the logo onto the hanger. Or lastly, we can also manufacture vinyl stickers with your logo that can be applied to all wooden hangers.

To find out more about our wooden hangers, contact our team of Display Experts today or call 01329 842 000