Wooden Suit Hangers With Clips (430 mm)


PRICE: £1.10 Excl. VAT


These wooden suit hangers with clips are ideal for those who want to merchandise their clothing neatly, without having to use plastic clip hangers. The combination of wood and chrome can be much more aesthetically pleasing than the standard plastic hangers which are often used. Competitively priced, these wooden suit hangers with clips offer a premium hanging solution without compromising on price.

These hangers have further added benefits which include strong, sprung, metal clips that grip even thin trousers tightly. In addition, these wooden suit hangers with clips have non-slip grips which are a small black gloss coating on the tip of the clips. As the clips are metal, the issues that are often encountered with plastic clip hangers, are avoided. The clips are strong and do not become brittle over time, as plastic hanger clips do.

Even better, these wooden suit hangers with clips can be branded with ease. A popular way to brand hangers like these, is to use a laser to engrave a logo into the hanger. The “darkness” of the hanger branding can be controlled by how long the laser is left to burn into the hanger. Hanger branding is something that The Display Centre offer. To discuss your branding options, call the Display Experts today on 01329 842 000.

Wooden Suit Hangers With Clips

  • Hang suit jackets and trousers easily
  • Non-slip gloss black clip coatings
  • Metal clips
  • Better looking than plastic trouser hangers
  • 430 mm wide
  • Choose to brand them with your logo
  • Do not become brittle over time, as plastic trouser hangers do
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Inexpensive and yet, premium hangers

The Display Centre supply many wooden hangers for shirts, suits and tops that complement these trouser hangers. You can find these in our wooden hanger section.

The Display Centre supply a wide range of hangers. The range includes a multitude of options that provide benefits that will suit your needs. This includes non-slip options and space saving hangers. A variety of accessory hangers are also available.

For more information on our wooden suit hangers with clips, call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000.

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