Non Slip Suit Hangers With Centre Bars (25 Pc)

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The Display Centre supply a large range of hangers. These are our non slip suit hangers with centre bars, which means that they have broad shoulders to fill jackets and suits. They also have a bar that runs from shoulder to shoulder so that trousers can also be hung from them. These hangers are made from metal that is coated with gloss black rubber.

There are several benefits to this design. Firstly, the shape is ideal for holding suits and jackets, but are also relatively space saving compared to many suit hangers. This is because, although the shoulders are broad, the middle section of the hangers are thin. This allows retailers to fit more onto their rails than they would with the wide plastic hangers that are commonly used. In addition, the centre bar allows for trousers to be hung from the same hanger if required. They also add to the rigidity of the hangers’ structure.

Non Slip Suit Hangers With Centre Bars

  • Broad tips with space saving centres
  • Glossy black rubber non slip finish
  • Sold in packs of 25
  • 420 mm from end to end
  • 30 mm deep shoulders to support suits and jackets
  • Centre bars for hanging trousers
  • Easily help to prevent clothes falling off of their hangers
  • More stylish than plastic suit hangers
  • Compliment the style of our other non slip hanger styles
  • Non slip suit hangers without centre bars are also available

These hangers are the perfect solution for retailers who wish to display their suits elegantly, and who do not wish to keep re-hanging clothes. These are a preferred option for many of our customers as they solve several common display issues. There are other alternatives that you may wish to explore, such as combining our black suit hangers with our black hanger grips. This will also result in an excellent non slip solution. This then makes the main difference one of style preference and space requirement. If space is a concern for you, you may prefer these non slip suit hangers as they have a slim centre point.

If you would like any more information on our non slip suit hangers, or you would like help finding a bespoke solution, contact our Experts today. Call on 01329 842 000 or email My Display Expert.

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