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Kimble Tagging Guns

We supply a range of effective Kimble clothing tagging guns and needle refill packs, including Avery Dennison tagging guns, as well as the standard generic range. These tagging guns make it simple to tag a large number of items in a short space of time, thanks to their special design.

When tagging any item, you should firstly check that you are using the correct size needle and gun. For close-knit cotton items, it’s advisable to tag through the clothing label so as not to leave a hole in the product, but if this is not possible then a fine needle and plastic barb should be used with care. Secondly, the plastic tags need to be slotted into the opening in the gun, then the needle should be pressed through the labels and the trigger should be pressed. When the trigger is pressed the tag will pass through the label and clothing, securing the price tag in place. We also sell replacement tagging gun needles.

Please note: Care should be taken when using Kimble guns as the needles are very sharp. Tagging guns should be kept out of the reach of children at all times.

Keep your item prices up to date quickly and easily with our Kimble tagging guns. Contact our Display Experts for more information on 01329 842 000