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Kimble Tagging Gun (Mark III)

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Replacement Kimble Gun Needles (5 Pack)

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Avery Dennison Kimble Tagging Gun (Mark III)

SKU: 490115
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Secur-A-Tach Loop Tagging Gun (V-Tool)

SKU: 490910
£94.50 ExVAT

Avery Dennison Fine Fabric Tagging Gun

SKU: 490120
£14.86 ExVAT

Kimble Tagging Guns

What Are Tagging Guns?

A Tagging gun is a handheld device designed to quickly and accurately attach plastic tags and price labels to garments. These indispensable tools streamline retail operations and contribute to an improved shopping experience. Retailers leverage tagging guns to seamlessly affix price tags and other point-of-sale (POS) materials to garments and soft furnishings. These devices are invaluable in retail settings, including clothing stores, bed shops, and home goods stores.

When tagging any item, you should first check that you’re using the correct size needle and gun. For close-knit cotton items, it’s advisable to tag through the clothing label so as not to leave a hole in the product. However, if this is not possible then a fine needle and plastic barb should be used. Secondly, the plastic tags need to be slotted into the opening in the gun, then the needle should be pressed through the labels & the trigger pressed. When pressed, the tag will pass through the label and clothing, securing the price tag in place. We also sell replacement needles for the guns.

We supply a range of effective Kimble guns and needle packs, including Avery Dennison and the standard generic range. These guns make it simple to tag a large number of items in a short space of time, thanks to their design. As well as traditional tagging guns for garments, we also supply a loop fastener gun for garments such as shoes, hats, bags and other smaller accessories. These loop Kimble guns do not insert the tags through the garments. Instead, they loop the tag through a hole or around a strap so it does not damage the product.

How Does A Tagging Gun Work?

Follow these essential steps to load and properly use a tagging gun:

  1. Select the appropriate tag type based on the style, colour and length.
  2. Insert the tag fasteners into the tag holder slot on the side.
  3. Pull the trigger to begin loading the tags.
  4. Slide the label over the needle.
  5. Press the trigger to attach the tag to the garment.

Kimble Gun Starter Kits

If purchasing a Kimble gun for the first time, you may be interested in a Kimble Gun starter pack. This includes the tagging gun, replacement needles and tags supplied as one bundle.

Please note: Care should be taken when using a Kimble Gun as the needles are very sharp. They should be kept out of the reach of children at all times. To replace the needle, rotate the small lock on the side of the gun and release it. It can then simply (and carefully) be removed from the front.

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