Gift wrap displays are an essential part of any shop’s visual merchandising strategy. Read More…

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Wall Giftwrap Unit 10 Rung with Tag Holder

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Superior Giftwrap Display With Tag Pockets

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Gift Wrap Displays

Gift wrap displays are an essential part of any shop’s visual merchandising strategy. They not only attract customers but also provide an opportunity to showcase your shop’s unique style and personality.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall-Mounted Displays

Wall-mounted gift wrap displays are a great option for shops with limited floor space. They are space-saving, highly visible, and easily accessible to customers. However, they do have some limitations in terms of size, shape, and capacity. Wall-mounted displays are typically smaller than freestanding displays and may not be able to hold as many products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freestanding Displays

Freestanding gift wrap displays offer more flexibility and capacity than wall-mounted displays. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles and can hold a larger number of products. However, they do take up more floor space and may not be as visible as wall-mounted displays.

To make your gift wrap display stand out, consider using eye-catching colours and patterns. You can also arrange products in an aesthetically pleasing way, such as grouping products by colour or theme. Additionally, consider adding signage or other decorations to the displays to make them even more attractive to customers.

Our units of gift wrap displays are popular with greeting cards and stationery shop owners. They can display a range of wrapping paper and gift wraps. Some units are even suitable for also displaying greetings cards. The gift wrap stands come with different finishes; we can also create a bespoke option for you if required.

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