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Base For Adult Bendy Mannequin

SKU: 205935
£80.00 ExVAT

Flexible Mannequins

Flexible mannequins allow you to display your mannequin in almost any pose. Unlike a traditional mannequin or bust form, these units are designed to be moved into a position that works for your display. Each unit is extremely versatile and can be repositioned time and time again.

Our flexible mannequins are made from polyurethane foam which is covered with a range of different materials. At the core and running throughout each limb is a wire skeleton. This combination allows you to pose them in any way you see fit.

We provide both male and female-faced and featureless mannequins in flesh, black or white colours. In addition, each unit comes with a brushed metal base.

Whilst there is no hiding the fact that a flexible mannequin comes with a higher price tag, it can be qualified as a high-end mannequin. Thanks to the versatility of the unit, and the ability to continuously change its look, each unit works out very good value for money. Typically, the life span of a flexible mannequin is much longer than a standard mannequin. Therefore, this is often classed as a display item that is worth the investment.

These mannequins are also well suited for first aid training and are often purchased by fire stations and schools to be used for demonstration purposes. We have even supplied these units to TV and film studios for a range of productions.

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