Clothes hangers for the perfect shop display.

Our clothes hangers range include everything from non-slip hangers, wooden coat hangers, and kids coat hangers to trouser hangers and hangers of different colours, fabrics, and sizes. We can even brand them for you using the bespoke branding design of your organisation. So whatever your preference and specifications, we have the right hanger designed for you.

These clothes hangers come in different shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect match for your merchandise. If you’re purchasing 300 hangers or more, we can even brand them for you. This could be done by laser-printing your logo onto your wooden clothing hangers, or by creating a special print to be placed onto them.

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Coat Hangers

Our clothes hangers are popular with both independent retailers and big box brands. Fashion retailers love us for our versatile range of shop equipment and supplies.

In addition to our traditional hangers, we also have a variety of accessories hangers that are suitable for items such as shoes, scarves and ties.

Fed up with your clothing products falling off of your clothes hangers?

We’ve developed our very own hanger grip system to ensure your clothes remain securely on their hangers. These hanger grips are self-adhesive, come in a range of colours, and can be custom made for different shapes and sizes in line with your business needs. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Our Display Experts can offer you advice on the clothing hangers you need. Whether you are buying for your home wardrobe or bulk buying for your shop. Call us today on 01329 842 000.