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Jewellery Display Stands

Picture a retail setting where customers can’t resist but be drawn to the exquisite pieces of jewellery. All this is made possible by a practical and visually appealing jewellery display stand.

What is a Jewellery Display Stand?

Jewellery display stands are tools designed to hold and present different types of jewellery, ranging from bracelets to necklaces. They’re pivotal in creating visually captivating retail displays and enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Jewellery display stands offer numerous practical uses. Their design offers a more organized and appealing way of showcasing jewellery, enhancing the items’ visual appeal.

An essential benefit of using jewellery displays is their potential to boost sales. Alluring displays captivate customers, pique their interest, and encourage purchases. An aesthetically appealing jewellery display stand, thus, isn’t just a stand. It’s a highly effective sales catalyst.

How to use Jewellery Displays in a shop?

You’ve decided on which jewellery to sell; now it’s time to show it off on a new display stand! With our large selection of jewellery displays, we’ll give you the first impression you deserve. Adding gravitas to your window and passing that feeling on to your customers, while you reap the benefits! Remember, exquisite customers, are drawn to exquisite windows!

Using a jewellery stand involves a straightforward process. First, position the stand at a strategic location with sufficient lighting. Following this, place various jewellery pieces on different parts of the stand, taking care to place the most attractively designed pieces in prominent positions. For optimum use, consider pairing jewellery of similar themes or sets together to promote upselling.

Available at The Display Centre:

From beautiful watch stands to earring holders, from solid wood necklace busts to watch holders – we have it all. The Display Centre are a display company with a twist. Choose from our range of jewellery stands or ask us to find you something for you. Our experts specialise in bespoke equipment. So, whether you need something off-the-shelf, or something a little different, we are the supplier for you.

In addition, our jewellery display range can be made even more effective with rotating turntables. A moving display can help increase sales by as much as 30%. This is because the movement helps to hold customer attention for a few extra decision-making seconds. These turntables and our jewellery stands can be combined with our price cube systems, which are ideal for pricing jewellery and watches.

As well as jewellery and watch stands, we supply a range of countertop jewellery showcases.

The Display Centre supplies over 4,000 retail displays and business supplies. For more information about this, or any of our products, please use our Contact Us page.