Price Cubes are the perfect pricing system for high-quality shop displays

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Price Cubes

Price cubes are ideal for retailers who are interested in effectively merchandising premium items such as jewellery, watches, handbags, and shoes. The primary use for pricing cubes is for jewellery displays. These cubes make changing prices quick and easy, and because of the wide range of kits on offer, there is a pricing system to suit many retailers.

We also have our very own range of fully customisable pricing systems. These Nouvelle price cubes allow for different colours, sizes, and fonts to be used to suit your brand. We’ve even supplied these bespoke cubes to Paperchase who rolled them out to all of their cabinet displays.

The Nouvelle pricing systems are also available in pre-made kits. The main benefits of Nouvelle price cube kits over our retro pricing systems is that, with no loss of quality, the Nouvelle systems are more cost effective and include currency symbols. To make pricing even easier, additional cubes can be purchased whenever you need them.

One of our customers reported a 9% increase in watch sales when they introduced our pricing kits to their shop displays (vs no pricing system).
This effect is not unusual, and our customers feel more confident asking about premium items when they know the price. In addition, price cubes can help add to the overall visual effect of a jewellery display.

If you would like to discuss the best price cube system for your store, please call our Display Experts now on 01329 842 000