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Age 10-12 Matt White Featureless Girl Mannequin

SKU: 204340
£156.55 ExVAT

Child Mannequin – 160cm

SKU: 205450P
From £94.02 ExVAT

Age 10-12 Matt White Featureless Boy Mannequin

SKU: 204345
£189.72 ExVAT

Age 6-8 Matt White Headless Girl Mannequin

SKU: 204250
£166.68 ExVAT £104.34 ExVAT

Age 6-8 Matt White Female Featureless Child Mannequin

SKU: 204330
£156.05 ExVAT

Age 4-6 Matt White Unisex Child Mannequins

SKU: 204325
£179.93 ExVAT

Age 2-4 Matt White Unisex Featureless Child Mannequins

SKU: 204320
£140.90 ExVAT

Age 2-4 Matt White Headless Shop Child Mannequin

SKU: 204235
£145.33 ExVAT

Age 6-8 Matt White Male Featureless Child Mannequin

SKU: 204335
£156.80 ExVAT

Age 4-6 Matt White Headless Child Mannequin

SKU: 204240
£145.33 ExVAT

Child Mannequin – 130cm

SKU: 205446P
From £94.44 ExVAT

Child Mannequin – 100cm

SKU: 205440P
From £88.25 ExVAT

Child Mannequin – 80cm

SKU: 205425P
From £86.34 ExVAT

Child Mannequins

Our range of mannequins includes sculpted, headless and faceless mannequins. They also come in boys, girls and unisex options. The age of these mannequins ranges from toddlers (age 2-4), young children (5-9) and pre-teens (10-12). Therefore, if you are a fashion retailer who sells kids’ clothing, we will have a mannequin to display your garments.

A child mannequin is easy to dress, thanks to its small detachable body parts. All child mannequins are freestanding and are supplied with either a glass or metal base. Most of the bases attach through the heel or the back of the calf. We also have the option of supplying the bodies in either matt or gloss finishes. The most popular colour is white, but we can also supply black or even painted a unique colour (see below).

A child mannequin can come in a range of different, playful poses. However, if you would prefer the style where you can move the arms, you may prefer the range of our articulated child mannequins.

Not only do we offer a large variety of child mannequins from stock in our warehouse in Fareham, but we can also create a bespoke colour and finish option. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact our team of display equipment experts who can help you find what you are looking for. In addition, it is also worth noting that there are no minimum order quantities for painting mannequins in a different colour.

For more information, contact our Display Experts. Call us today at +44 (0) 1329 842 000.