Tailor’s dummies are a fantastic clothes display tool with a vintage feel. They’re also suitable for dressmakers. Read more…

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Tailor's Dummies

Our range of male and female tailor’s dummies caters to both dressmakers and retailers alike and come in white or black.

Our tailor’s dummies are made of polystyrene which is covered with a material. As a result they are light and easy to move around a shop. In addition, pins can be put into the fashion mannequins without damaging them.

These fashion mannequins come with a cap on top of the neck. In addition, you can choose whether to have a metal or wooden neck cap or thistle top. The ‘capping’ or ‘caps’ refer to the cover that fits onto the neck of the tailor’s dummy.

When the neck isn’t a round cap and sticks up, it is referred to as a thistle top.
Wooden caps and stands can create a high-end boutique or retro feel, whereas metal caps can make a give a tailor’s dummy a more modern feel.

There are several mannequin sizes available and the majority of them have an adjustable stand. In addition, we also supply child tailor’s dummies.

Want A Version With Wooden Arms? Visit Our Articulated Mannequins Section.

Need help choosing the right tailor’s dummy for your store? Contact our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000