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Tailors Dummies

Invigorate your store’s visual merchandising with tailors dummies – versatile and timeless display assets for any clothing retailer.

What Are Tailors Dummies?

A tailor’s dummy, sometimes referred to as a dressmaker’s dummy or dress form, is a human-shaped form used to display clothing in-store or aid in the process of creating garments. These dummies offer a myriad of advantages for store owners and designers alike.

Tailor dummies garner tremendous benefits in retail environments. They enable store owners to showcase clothing in a lifelike form, creating an immersive shopping experience that entices customers to imagine themselves in the garments. Furthermore, they assist in perfecting garment design, allowing clothing to be fitted and draped on a three-dimensional figure. As the base of the units is adjustable, this allows the user to position the units at different heights.

How To Use A Tailor Dummy:

When putting your tailor’s dummy to good use, ensure it is fully assembled and secured in its stand. For dressmaking purposes, pin or drape your fabric onto the dummy while adjusting the fit and design. As a visual merchandising tool, regularly change the clothing and accessories on the dummy, keeping your display fresh and captivating. Strategise your display according to your target audience and current trends, continuously fine-tuning it for optimum results.

Available in a range of colours like cream, black, and white, and designed for various genders and ages, tailor dummies can cater to diverse retail markets with ease. From male to female and child dummies, your store’s display options are readily expandable. Our tailors dummies are made of polystyrene which is covered with stretchy material. As a result, they are light and easy to move around a shop. In addition, if you did wish to use these dummies for dressmaking, pins can be put into the polystyrene bodies without damaging them.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Tailor Dummy?

The benefits of using a tailor’s dummy include:

  1. Enhanced visualisation. Tailor’s dummies provide a lifelike form that allows customers to visualise how clothing items would look when worn. This makes it easier for them to make purchase decisions.
  2. Drafting and fitting garments. For some types of dressmakers, tailor’s dummies aid in the creation and fitting of clothing, allowing them to create garments that fit well and look appealing to actual customers.
  3. Realistic shapes. Tailor’s dummies often have a shape similar to a natural human body, ensuring an accurate representation of fit and appearance.
  4. Versatile displays. Tailor’s dummies can be used to exhibit various clothing items efficiently, allowing customers to better visualise the items while boosting the visual appeal of the store.

In conclusion, tailor dummies are a valuable asset for clothing retailers and dressmakers alike. They facilitate garment creation and provide an engaging visual display for potential customers. Our UK warehouse stocks a myriad of tailor dummies, catering to all your retail or design needs. Enhance your retail space or improve your dressmaking skills by purchasing a tailor’s dummy today; your store and customers will thank you for it.

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