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Single Prong Slatwall Hook

SKU: 150106P
From £0.41 ExVAT

Slatwall Display Hook

SKU: 150410
£0.62 ExVAT

Single Prong Slatwall Hook – Black

SKU: 150125P
From £0.56 ExVAT

Slatwall Euro Hook – Small Backplate

SKU: 150345P
From £0.73 ExVAT

Slatwall Arm with Disc End – 300mm

SKU: 151100
£1.87 ExVAT

Plastic Slatwall Hooks – White

SKU: 147120P
From £0.39 ExVAT

Slatwall Picture Hook

SKU: 150405
£0.58 ExVAT

Slatwall Brackets for Wooden Shelf (Pair)

SKU: 150805P
From £3.28 ExVAT

Plastic Slatwall Euro Hooks – White

SKU: 147105P
From £0.46 ExVAT

Double Prong Slatwall Hook

SKU: 151005P
From £0.73 ExVAT

Slatwall Glass Shelf Bracket

SKU: 151205P
From £2.20 ExVAT

Display Arm With Ball End 300mm Long

£2.20 ExVAT

Slatwall Waterfall Arm – 11 Ball

SKU: 151115
£4.13 ExVAT

Slatwall Notched Arm

SKU: 151105P
From £2.18 ExVAT

Slatwall Step Arm

SKU: 151122P
From £4.08 ExVAT

Slatwall Euro Hook with Ticket Arm

SKU: 151306P
From £1.16 ExVAT

Slatwall Display Arm with Ball End

SKU: 151125P
From £2.20 ExVAT

Plastic Slatwall Euro Hooks – Black

SKU: 147104P
From £0.30 ExVAT

Slatwall Display Hook – Large

SKU: 150415
£1.04 ExVAT

Slatwall Hat Arm

SKU: 150605
£1.71 ExVAT

Slatwall Waterfall Arm – 5 Hook

SKU: 151120
£3.65 ExVAT

Slatwall Ball Holder

SKU: 150505
£1.82 ExVAT

Slatwall D Rail

SKU: 151600P
From £8.25 ExVAT

Display Arm With Ball End 400mm Long

£2.70 ExVAT

Slatwall Hooks, Arms & Brackets

Our Slatwall hooks, arms, and shelving brackets are made to slot into a typical Slatwall panel without any tools. There’s no reason you can’t find something to suit your needs since there are so many options available in terms of materials, colours, and styles. Nearly all of our Slatwall accessories are versatile enough to look good in any setting, whether they have alternative finishes like metal and plastic or a selection of colours like chrome, white, or black. There is always a hook that can make your display look great, whether you are displaying clothes, hanging glass shelves or storing garage equipment.

How do you install a Slatwall Hook?

Every Slatwall accessory is designed to easily fit into a Slatwall panel. Each item has two bends at the back that allow it to slot into a Slatwall panel’s groove. To insert the bracket into the groove, simply rotate the hook 90 degrees upwards. After inserting it, bring the hook back to its original position. The hook will support the weight of any item you display by resting in the board’s groove. Furthermore, the hook can be easily moved from side to side without being taken out of the groove if you need to change its position. A Slatwall hook can be installed without using any tools.

We are aware that the requirements for Slatwall hooks vary depending on the customer. All of our hooks are available for individual purchase so that our customers can get precisely what they want. Therefore, our accessories have no minimum order requirements or box minimums. Whatever quantity you need can be bought.

If our standard products are not suitable for your requirements, or you just fancy something different, then we can do a bespoke service. This could range from painting a standard chrome finish product a different colour or designing and manufacturing something completely bespoke. If this is something of interest, then please contact one of our Display Experts and we’d be happy to help.

Most of our hooks are in stock and can be delivered in two to three working days. Call us at 01329 84200 if you need something urgently, and we’ll try to accommodate you.