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Gridwall Display Panels

SKU: 110105P
From £14.15 ExVAT

Gridwall Gondola Display

SKU: 110140
£45.08 ExVAT

Counter Standing Small Grid Display Stand

SKU: 110145
£15.77 ExVAT

Triangular Grid Display Stand

SKU: 110135
£110.89 ExVAT

H Grid Display Stand

SKU: 110130
£93.85 ExVAT

Gridwall Displays

Gridwall displays are a versatile and stylish way to showcase products in retail spaces. These displays can be used to hold a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and even small electronics.

These displays are made up of a series of interlocking metal grid panels that can be arranged in various configurations depending on your needs. Because  we supply a range of different mesh display stands, retailers can customise the displays to fit their specific products. Additionally, Gridwall displays are easy to install and can be quickly reconfigured to meet changing stock requirements.

Retailers can choose from a variety of accessories and add-ons such as hooks, shelves, and baskets that can be easily attached to the Gridwall display.

Each display stand is assembled using our Gridwall panels. Each panel is made from strong and sturdy construction that is resistant to rusting, corrosion and cracking. They’re reinforced with steel frames that prevent warping when exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. With no tools required to assemble or disassemble these displays, they’re quick and easy to put together!

We offer a large variety of Mesh Grid Display stands from stock. However, if there is a particular configuration that you’d like to try, but can’t find on the website, then please contact us!

If you are concerned about cleaning these mesh displays, then don’t be. The panels are easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth, or with a spray cleaner if you want something more powerful.

Looking for more information on Gridwall Displays? Contact one of our Display Experts or call on 01329 842 000.