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Double Depth Garment Covers 122 cm Drop

SKU: 220120
£20.79 ExVAT

Deep Garment Bag 91.5 cm Drop

SKU: 220105
£10.08 ExVAT

Hanger Trouser Guards (350 Pieces)

SKU: 220520
£8.94 ExVAT

Deep Garment Bags 122 cm Drop

SKU: 220110
£12.72 ExVAT

Deep Garment Bags 152 cm Drop

SKU: 220125
£18.13 ExVAT

Clear Dress Bags (2 Pieces)

SKU: 220205
£2.59 ExVAT £1.83 ExVAT

Polythene Garment Covers

SKU: 220505P
From £60.89 ExVAT

Handheld Steamer

SKU: 237105
£64.27 ExVAT

Garment Bags and Suit Covers

What Are Garment Bags?

Garment bags, or dress bags, are protective coverings designed to shield your clothes from dust, pests, and other damaging elements. They are the perfect partner for maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your attire.

The most significant advantage of garment bags lies in their protective properties. These bags shield dirt, dust, and wrinkles from your personal items, whether you store them long-term or transport them. Thus, ensuring your garments remain in pristine condition. However, the flexibility of garment bags stretches beyond mere clothing protection.

You can customise these bags to act as a walking advertisement for your retail business. Embroider your shop’s name on the front of the bag and offer a memorable purchasing experience. Wedding dress shops, in particular, can benefit enormously from this promotional strategy.

Garment covers are essential items for clothes shops and dry cleaners. These bags protect clothing from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors that can damage fabrics. They also preserve the original shape and condition of garments, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. The environment easily damages delicate fabrics like wool or silk, making this crucial.

Dress bags also preserve the original shape and condition of garments. They prevent fabrics from wrinkling or creasing, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. This is crucial for formal attire, like dresses and suits, which must keep their shape and quality for special events.

Suitable for Different Types of Clothing

Our range of garment covers and dry cleaning supplies come in a range of drop lengths and colours. Retailers find clear garment bags ideal because they can see the clothes through the plastic. As a result, the clothes are always on show to customers while protecting clothes from dust and damage. These clear garment covers are particularly popular with wedding dress and formal gown retailers.

We also supply navy blue garment luggage bags in various lengths. These bags allow users to keep their clothing selection more private when travelling. In addition, we supply shoulder strap guards and trouser guards for hangers. We use cardboard to make these, and they slip over the top of wire hangers to protect clothing.

Dry cleaners find our roll of polythene garment covers popular. These covers can also be popular for transporting clothes to and from exhibitions. However, the garment bags are more robust and long-lasting. They are also better for protecting clothes from dirt and against the elements.

To derive maximum value from your garment bags, consider exploring the spectrum of available colours and sizes. Tailoring the bag to the size of your garment adds an aesthetic appeal, enhancing your overall display or storage.

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