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Shopping baskets are important to get right. Consider the size of basket that your customers need. Customers may purchase more if they have a larger basket to hold things in. But care must be taken not to provide baskets that are too large as they may be awkward for customers to carry.

Packaging and carrier bags are used by almost every retail store. So we supply a range of bubble wrap, tissue paper and paper carrier bags to ensure your customer’s items are kept safe after purchase. Our carrier and shopping bags come in a range of different colours, sizes, and levels of thickness. We even provide bespoke printed carrier bags.

Want to increase your business’s security? Our range of security equipment will protect your business from thieves and shoplifters.

In addition to these items, we also supply safety and security equipment to help you keep your business safe. Our dummy cameras not only look realistic, but also react to movement, providing an effective deterrent whilst saving you the time and money of installing an expensive CCTV system. Our security mirrors are an excellent cost-effective choice that allows you to keep an eye on blind areas of your store.

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