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Our range includes net, plastic, and wire shopping baskets. The net baskets are well suited to fashion and cosmetic items and we’ve supplied these to several large brands who’ve chosen to have their logos printed on the black net. Net shopping baskets are particularly easy to store too, as they collapse on themselves when the handle is not being held.

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Our wire and plastic shopping basket ranges are suited to a variety of goods. If you sell heavier items, these are a better solution than a net basket. They are not a small to store but basket stackers can be purchased to keep retail spaces tidy and the baskets readily to hand for your customers. If your baskets are likely to be regularly left outside overnight, then a wire shopping basket may be the best solution as plastic baskets may weather badly. If you sell smaller items but would prefer a rigid basket than a collapsible one, then a plastic shopping basket may be your best solution.

As an alternative to shopping baskets, we also provide moulded plastic shopping buckets. These heavy duty plastic bendy buckets can be used to replace shopping baskets and unlike wire baskets, do not allow small items to fall through gaps. These moulded plastic shopping baskets also make useful reusable carrier bag alternatives. They are sturdy and flexible and available in several different colours. These plastic buckets are particularly useful for hardware stores.

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