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Avery Dennison Price Gun Starter Kit

£37.34 ExVAT

Avery Dennison Price Gun CAS1/8: One Line, 8-Digit

£34.44 ExVAT

Avery Dennison Price Gun CAS2/18: Two Line, 18-Digits

£75.00 ExVAT

Monarch 1131 Price Gun: Single Line, 8 Digits

£69.99 ExVAT

Price Guns

Price guns are handheld devices that are used to attach price labels to items. They make retail pricing quick and simple by printing labels effortlessly and efficiently. Our range includes Avery Dennison guns which are renowned for being some of the best on the market.

There are many advantages to using price guns. First and foremost, they’re faster than manually marking up your products. A pricing gun can quickly mark up hundreds of items in just minutes–saving you time that would otherwise be spent on manual labour. Secondly, the use of the same gun can create uniformity in our display and make it easier to read the price. Finally, using this type of device can reduce costs by eliminating mistakes caused by human error when manually writing costs onto a label.

Our price guns come in both single and double-label styles and are an effective way of pricing your items. The units that we stock offer a digit range between 6 to 8 characters per line. Simply create your price on the display using the rotating lever, pull the trigger and place the gun on the item you are labelling. Once you remove the gun, the price label will be applied securely to the product.

Maintenance is an important part of owning a price gun. You’ll want to clean it regularly, replace parts as needed and troubleshoot any problems you might encounter. Thankfully, we also stock a selection of replacement ink rollers and labels for our guns.

We also offer a Price Gun Starter kit for first time users. This kit includes 1 x CAS1/8 Avery Dennison price gun, 7, 500 labels and 2 x replacement ink rollers.

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