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White Leatherette Necklace Display Stand in Small – Extra Large

From £11.88 ExVAT

Black Leatherette Stand in Small – Extra Large

From £6.65 ExVAT

Short Wooden Jewellery Bust

£20.16 ExVAT

Black Or Clear Necklets

From £11.11 ExVAT

Set of Leatherette Necklace Stands, Black or White (4 Pc)

From £60.32 ExVAT

Tall Wooden Jewellery Bust

£59.45 ExVAT

Toothed Acrylic Necklace Stand

£37.68 ExVAT

Necklace Arms – Two-Tiered Heavy Duty

£78.70 ExVAT

Necklace Displays Stands

Capture the attention of your customers and elevate your jewellery items with a necklace display stand—an essential accessory for any jewellery retailer or manufacturer.

What is a Necklace Display Stand?

Necklace display stands are specially designed structures used to showcase necklaces and other pendant-style items. These stands are instrumental in highlighting the beauty and allure of your pieces while maintaining an organised and visually appealing display.

The practicality of a necklace display stand is undeniable. Whether you use it for showcasing your jewellery in a shop window or on the production floor, these stands bring out the best in your products. By effectively presenting each necklace item, the stands enable customers to easily visualise the beauty of your jewellery, consequently influencing purchasing decisions.

Necklace stands come in a variety of materials such as acrylic, leatherette, and wood. Furthermore, they’re available in a diverse range of colours, ensuring an ideal match for your brand’s aesthetics and the necklace itself.

How to Use a Necklace Display Stand:

To make the most of your necklace display stand, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right stand to complement your necklaces, taking into consideration colours, materials, and style.
  2. Position your necklace display in a well-lit area. Ensure that the light enhances the sparkle of the gemstones and the shine of the metal.
  3. Arrange your necklaces in an organised manner, avoiding overcrowding and ensuring that each piece stands out individually.
  4. Clean your necklaces and the display stand regularly to maintain a fresh and appealing presentation.

In conclusion, necklace display stands offer unmatched benefits for retailers and manufacturers. Their versatility, visual impact, and compatibility with various necklace designs make them a valuable asset for any business in the jewellery industry. Stocked in our UK warehouse, these stands are readily available, waiting to elevate your display game. Invest in a necklace display stand today and watch your customers’ eyes light up with interest and admiration.

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