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Black Leatherette Necklace Display Stand in Small – Extra Large

From £8.25 Excl.VAT

Black Or Clear Necklets

From £6.95 Excl.VAT

Dark Wood Medium Necklace Stand (300 mm)

£27.50 Excl.VAT

Dark Wood Set of 3 Necklace Holders

£94.25 Excl.VAT

Dark Wood Small Necklace Display (200 mm)

£22.50 Excl.VAT

Dark Wood Tall Jewellery Bust (500 mm)

£43.50 Excl.VAT

Grey Rattan Medium Necklace Stand (300 mm)

£33.50 Excl.VAT

Grey Rattan Short Necklace Stand (210 mm)

£28.95 Excl.VAT

Grey Rattan Tall Necklace Stand (360 mm)

£48.50 Excl.VAT

Set of Leatherette Necklace Stands, Black or White (4 Pc)

From £36.95 Excl.VAT

Short Wooden Jewellery Bust

£16.95 Excl.VAT

Tall Wooden Jewellery Bust

£43.50 Excl.VAT

Necklace Displays

Our range of jewellery busts is perfect for displaying necklaces. They come in various styles, heights and materials including wood, leatherette, acrylic, and rattan.

The colour and texture you decide on should offset your jewellery designs. Your necklace display should also match the type of necklace you’re selling. Larger necklaces should have a larger bust to carry the look of your item but if your jewellery is smaller, a smaller necklace stand would be better.

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your prices, our nouvelle prices cubes are a perfect option.

Looking for more information on our jewellery bust stands? Contact our Display Experts on 01329 842 000