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1/3 Glass Counter

From £525.00 ExVAT

3/4 Glass Shop Counter

From £575.00 ExVAT

Cash & Wrap Counter

From £375.00 ExVAT

Counter Till Stand

£325.00 ExVAT

Full Glass Counter

From £550.00 ExVAT

Glass Display 1/3 Glazed Counter

£725.00 ExVAT

Glass Display 2/3 Glazed Counter

£750.00 ExVAT

Glass Display Full Glazed Counter

£750.00 ExVAT

Glass Display Glazed Corner Counter

£675.00 ExVAT

Till Stand Unit

From £275.00 ExVAT

Display Counters

We offer a range of cabinets and showcases including these wooden framed display counters. Choose the wooden finish and proportion of glass that you require to best display your goods. Our display counters are fitted with glass and come with a number of different glass shelf options. We also have wrap counters and till stand units which are ideal if you’re looking to display premium goods.

Our counters for retail come with a number of different glass options, including full glass, ⅔ glass, or ⅓ glass, which makes it easy for you to choose the style will showcase your display best.

Our display counters are particularly popular for displaying jewellery, fine cloth and crockery but have also been used for a variety of purposes including museum showcases.

If you are interested in finding out more about our retail counters, please contact our Display Experts, or call us on 01329 842 000