Shop counters are an essential component of any retail setting, serving as both a workspace for employees and a display for merchandise. Read More…

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Cash & Wrap Counter

SKU: 385103P
From £558.62 ExVAT

3/4 Glass Shop Counter

SKU: 385703P
From £868.97 ExVAT

Glass Display Full Glazed Counter

SKU: 390145
£1555.75 ExVAT

1/3 Glass Counter

SKU: 385503P
From £768.97 ExVAT

Till Stand Unit

SKU: 385304P
From £415.52 ExVAT

Multi Level Mobile Gondola

SKU: 140225P
From £951.72 ExVAT

Counter Till Stand

SKU: 390160
£641.01 ExVAT

Glass Display Glazed Corner Counter

SKU: 390150
£1372.10 ExVAT

Glass Display 2/3 Glazed Counter

SKU: 390140
£1548.70 ExVAT

Glass Display 1/3 Glazed Counter

SKU: 390135
£1386.23 ExVAT

Angled Display Corner Unit

SKU: 388404P
From £1186.21 ExVAT

Open Corner With Glass Doors

SKU: 388304P
From £750.00 ExVAT

Open Curved Corner Infill

SKU: 386447P
From £558.62 ExVAT

Closed Curved Corner Infill

SKU: 386446P
From £679.31 ExVAT

Closed Corner Infill

SKU: 386404P
From £477.59 ExVAT

Open Corner Infill

SKU: 386403P
From £477.59 ExVAT

Full Glass Counter

SKU: 385903P
From £817.24 ExVAT

Shop Counters

Shop counters are an essential component of any retail setting, serving as both a workspace for employees and a display for merchandise. They can also be used to create a focal point in a store and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of a retail setting.

Shop counters are typically made of materials like wood, metal, and glass. They can be painted, stained, or polished, among other options. The shape, height, and inclusion of features such as drawers and shelves are also important design elements of shop counters.

There are various types of shop counters available, each with its own set of features and benefits. Customer service counters are designed to give employees a place to help customers. Whereas checkout counters are used to process transactions. Display counters are ideal for displaying merchandise like jewellery or high-end electronics. A clothing store, for example, might benefit from a display counter to showcase accessories. Whereas a supermarket might need a checkout counter with more space for efficient transaction processing.

We offer a range of shop counters including aluminium and wooden framed displays. Choose the wood finish and glass proportions that will best display your goods. Our display counters are made of glass and come with a variety of glass shelf options. There are also cash and wrap counters and till stand units. If you still can’t find a counter that meets your needs, contact a member of the team to discuss bespoke options.

Our counters come with several different glass options, including full glass, ⅔ glass, or ⅓ glass, This makes it easy for you to choose a style that showcases your display best. Furthermore, we also have a great mix of either flat-packed or fully assembled units.

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