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Ergonomic Safety Knife For Film And Strapping

SKU: 405815
£7.55 ExVAT

Ergonomic Safety Knife For Cardboard

SKU: 405800
£4.35 ExVAT

Warehouse Safety Knife

SKU: 405825
£8.80 ExVAT

Ergonomic Safety Knives

As a retail store owner or employee, you may not think twice about using a traditional knife to open boxes or cut through packaging. However, using traditional knives in a retail environment can be dangerous and lead to serious injuries. Accidents and injuries can occur when employees are rushing to open boxes or cut through packaging. Injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to more serious lacerations, which can result in lost productivity, medical expenses, and even lawsuits.

For this reason, we have chosen to work with Technicut SAS. A company that has taken the initiative to work with leading French universities specialising in Ergonomics. By working with these universities, ergonomic designs have been produced that reduce the danger of chronic musculoskeletal issues.

Industry best practice is the replacement of fixed and exposed blades with auto-retracting or enclosed blade safety knives. For this reason, these are the types of blades that you will find in our range. Don’t fall prey to the cheap and cheerful knives that are flooding the marketplace. Care needs to be taken as many products are claiming to be safety knives. But it should be noted that a rounded corner or a soft grip alone does not truly address ergonomic needs.

How to Choose the Right Safety Knife for Your Retail Store

When selecting a safety knife for your retail store, it’s important to consider several factors. These include the type of materials you’ll be cutting, the frequency of use, the size and shape of the knife and the ergonomics of the handle. It’s also important to train employees on how to use safety knives properly to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Our website offers two, disposable, safety knives that are most popular with our larger customers. The difference between the 2 depends upon the sort of work that needs to be done. One is perfect for opening boxes and cutting wrapping materials.

The other is the best solution for cutting-down cardboard. The Technicut SAS range is much broader than just disposables and features several specialist products.

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