Display your leaflets on gridwall, slatwall or even on your counter with our range of special leaflet clips and bars. Read more…

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Leaflet Holders, Clips & Bars

Our range of leaflet holder clips and bars are designed to hold leaflet holders. These clips and bars can be used with a range of wall display systems, and can help you attach your leaflet holders to gridwall, slatwall, or straight onto your walls easily. Our gridwall and slatwall leaflet holder clips are cost-effective, simple, and easy-to-use.

If you wish to attach them straight to a wall, our aluminium wall bar comes with plastic clips that are ideal for mounting multiple leaflet holders.

For those who change their leaflet style often, our adjustable width leaflet holders can be adjusted to the size of leaflets that you are displaying. Extra pieces can also be added to create extra pockets for more leaflets also.

Not sure what clips and bars to get? Get in touch with our Display Experts, or give us a call on 01329 842 000