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Dump Bins & Baskets

Our wire baskets for shops make great point-of-sale displays. Often these baskets are best positioned close to the counter or near the ends of aisles. Many customers assume that items in dump bins are on sale and are therefore good value. They are a very useful and effective way to upsell customers as they walk around your store. If you are looking to cultivate a more retro theme in your store, but still want to experience the benefits of a dump bin then try a clear acrylic dump bin. Much like their wire counterparts, these acrylic baskets are easily moved around the store.

We also provide basket island units which tend to be shallower than a traditional dump basket. These are better suited to smaller items and many also have a notice holder at the top which allows for extra promotional material to be added. These islands attract customer attention and are ideal for displaying impulse purchase products. They allow for a variety of goods to be displayed in a small area. These basket islands also benefit from having multiple height levels. This leads the customer’s eye around the display and draws them into a POP display.

As well as our single dump bins, we also supply stacked baskets. These units come in stacks of four or five and are well-suited to point-of-sale displays. Our basket units allow for several baskets of goods to be displayed in a small area. These are well suited to a range of goods such as shoes or groceries.

If you have any questions about our wire baskets or you would like some advice for your store, please email our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000