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Hanging Female Mannequin Shell

SKU: 212505P
From £6.15 ExVAT

Hanging Male Mannequin Shell

SKU: 212525P
From £7.10 ExVAT

Female Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210710P
From £36.95 ExVAT

Neck Stand for Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210750
£61.20 ExVAT

Male Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210705P
From £36.95 ExVAT

Slatwall Bracket For Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210758
£20.50 ExVAT

Neck Lanyard For Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210754
£8.65 ExVAT

Female Acrylic Bust Frame

SKU: 215105
£39.32 ExVAT

Child Mannequin Torso (Age 6-8)

SKU: 210734P
From £45.36 ExVAT

Leg Stand for Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210755
£53.10 ExVAT

Hanging Child Mannequin Shell

SKU: 212540P
From £5.15 ExVAT

Female Torso. (Arms Behind Back)

SKU: 206100
£108.92 ExVAT £54.46 ExVAT

Child Mannequin Torso (Age 3-5)

SKU: 210732P
From £45.36 ExVAT

Countertop Leg Stand For Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210757
£58.50 ExVAT

Leg Stand For Child Mannequin Torso

SKU: 210756
£60.30 ExVAT

Mannequin Torsos

Our selection of bust forms includes freestanding, counter-standing, and Slatwall hanging designs. They also come in a variety of other shapes and styles. A bust or torso has the advantage of being smaller and taking up less room in your store than a full-body unit. A torso also makes it possible to show off clothing for a particular body part. A larger body would need to be dressed as a whole.

Because they are shorter and lighter than full-bodied, bust forms are easier to dress and move around. Many can be displayed on a counter or hung on a wall. The body forms are standard in black or white, but other custom colours are available upon request. Another advantage of the torsos and body forms is that the majority of them are made of environmentally friendly plastic. As a result, you can use them outside in places like market stalls and festival sites.

It should be noted that some of the torsos, particularly the body shells, lack backs. As a result, if you need to dress the body shells, you may need to pin the clothing at the back to ensure a better fit.

All of our body forms and torsos are stored in our warehouse in Fareham, Hampshire. We have a large selection available and can deliver throughout the UK and internationally. Many items can be shipped on a fast, next-day service to any mainland UK address.

Looking to show off your clothes at their best? Our bust forms are the perfect option. Contact our team of Display Experts on 01329 842 000