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The Display Centre are a jewellery display company with a twist. Choose from our range of jewellery displays or ask us to find you something for you. Our experts specialise in bespoke equipment. So, whether you need something off-the-shelf, or something a little different, we are the jewellery display company for you.

Our jewellery display range can be made even more effective with rotating turntables. A moving display can help increase sales by as much as 30%. This is because the movement helps to hold customer attention for a few extra decision-making seconds. These turntables and our jewellery stands can be combined with our price cube systems, which are ideal for pricing jewellery and watch displays.

As well as jewellery and watch stands, we supply a range of counter top jewellery showcases. These are ideal for positioning by the till. They are clear acrylic and lockable. We supply two different sizes of counter top display cases, but we also supply large cabinets and showcases too.

If you need help finding your ideal jewellery stands, email our Display Experts or call us on 01329 842 000. We will be happy to help you.