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Sweet Displays

Our sweet display equipment is well suited to shops selling sweets or other multitudes of small objects, such as beads for jewellery making. Our range includes sweet displays that are suited to unwrapped sweets as well as wrapped sweets.

Our pick and mix gravity feed dispensers come in two different sizes with the most popular gravity sweet dispenser holding 5 kg of sweets, whereas the larger pick and mix dispenser holds 7 kg. Both of these sweet dispenser units are made from clear acrylic which ensures that your sweets are on display at all times.

Our pick and mix display units are made from metal and hold 20 injection moulded bins which are included in the package. As well as the unit itself, we also provide graphics to be fitted to the unit so that you can brand your sweet dispenser unit. Once the point of sale graphics are printed and attached, these branded pick and mix units are even more attention-grabbing.

If you need help picking out the sweet dispensers and bins for your store, please call our Display Experts on 01329 842 000