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Size Cubes for Women’s Clothing (50 Pack) Sizes 6-54

SKU: 245104P
From £1.55 ExVAT

Size Cubes for Clothes Hangers (50 Pack) (‘XS’-‘4XL’)

SKU: 245143P
From £1.55 ExVAT

Children’s Age Range Size Cubes for Hangers (50 Pack)

SKU: 245169P
From £1.55 ExVAT

Children’s Size Marker Cubes For Hangers (50 Pack)

SKU: 245200P
From £1.55 ExVAT

Baby and Toddler Size Cubes for Hangers (50 Pack)

SKU: 245155P
From £1.55 ExVAT

Blank Black Size Cubes (50pk)

SKU: 245230
£1.61 ExVAT

Men’s Collar Size Cubes For Hangers (50 Pack)

SKU: 245193P
From £1.55 ExVAT

Red Sale Marker Cubes for Hangers

SKU: 245100
£1.31 ExVAT

Size Cubes Starter Pack (XS-4XL)

SKU: 245240
£5.87 ExVAT

Size Cubes

What Are Size Cubes for Hangers?

Size cubes help to promote a hassle-free shopping experience. Help your customers find the right size of clothing with ease. Available in a range of sizes and colours.

It’s not always easy to find the correct size when looking through fashion displays. That is why customers often use size cubes for hangers to help differentiate between items, making it easier for their customers in the process. Simply clip the cube over the hook of the hanger and let it rest at the bottom, sitting perfectly above the clothing.

Our range of size cubes for hangers includes size markers for men, women, babies and children. They come in different colours and are eligible for bulk discounts. Alternatively, you can create a uniform look by having all-black cubes. In addition, you can benefit from fast delivery with next-day delivery as standard on all products that are in stock.

As well as different clothing sizes, there are also sale marker cubes which help to attract attention to retail promotions. To help keep these cubes organised, we also supply rotary storage boxes. Consequently, your shop’s size cubes stay organised and ready for merchandising.

Can the cubes be used on any hanger?

Nearly all of our plastic and wooden hangers are compatible with our size cubes. The only styles that can’t be used are security or hotel hangers. Hangers that are usually used in a fashion environment will work.

Make your customer’s shopping experience easier with a size cube. Order easily and receive your cubes fast. For more information, contact our Display Experts or call 01329 842 000.