A shop shelving gondola is a type of retail shelving display that is made up of modular components. Read More…

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Double Sided Gondola Bay

SKU: 161020P
From £289.53 ExVAT

Retail Shelving End Bay

SKU: 161025P
From £181.88 ExVAT

Retail Metal Shelving Gondola (2m) With End Bays (1m)

SKU: 161010P
From £1003.44 ExVAT

Retail Metal Shelving Gondola (1m) With End Bays (1m)

SKU: 161015P
From £732.98 ExVAT

Retail Shelving Gondolas

A shop shelving gondola is a type of retail shelving display that is made up of modular components. The 50mm pitch refers to the distance between each slot on the upright, which is standard for most systems. This type of shelving will give you more options for what you store on each bay and its shelves. Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for retailers who have a lot of floor space to install new displays. Metal gondolas with or without feature end bays are among our pre-made configurations.

Since these units are made from high-quality metals, it’s very durable and will last for years without any problems. This is even the case under heavy use in busy retail stores or other commercial establishments such as supermarkets where they are open 24/7! Furthermore, with the usability of this product lasting several years, they are great value for money. Whilst the initial outlay may be more than a Slatwall or Gridwall Gondola, the longevity of the products means that you will not have to replace or refresh the display as often.

50mm pitch gondola shelving is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to maximise and organise your space. It’s simple to install and can be used in almost any retail setting. We have supplied gondolas to many different sites, including fashion retailers and pet shops, hardware stores and leisure centres.


Retail shelving wall bays are easy to install. Installation is quick and easy since all of the components are modular and therefore interchangeable. There are no fixings or screws required to assemble the units. All that is required is a rubber mallet and spanner for the base legs and a spirit level. A single double-sided gondola with shelves can be fully installed in the space of 5-10 minutes.

Free Planning Consultation

The units we stock are examples of our most popular items but we can design a custom shelving solution for your store. If you need a bespoke wall bay shelving display, we can create one for you in the colour of your choice. Simply contact one of our shelving display specialists, who will gladly talk you through your options. We can even create planograms for your proposed space to help visualise it.

Tips for Using a 50mm Pitch Shop Shelving Gondola

  • Measure your space. Before you buy anything, measure the height, width, and depth of the area where you want to install your shop shelving. This will help ensure that all your products fit in their designated spaces.
  • Choose the right back panels. Shop shelving units made with a 50mm pitch come in a wide variety of styles. Plain, perforated (pegboard) or Slat back panels are the most popular options. Using shelves and accessories like hooks can keep everything organised while also looking fantastic!

Our consultation services are free for all Shop Shelving enquiries. Call our Display Experts for more advice on 01329 842 000.