Storage Equipment

At the Display Centre, we offer a wide range of display and storage equipment for a variety of purposes. Our goal is to meet all of our client’s needs, which is why we provide products ranging from storage racking, plastic boxes, and garment bags to carrier bags, packing tape, and security cameras, all under one roof.

This section contains a variety of products that are frequently overlooked when running a retail business. While we feel that how you display a product is vital, how you care for and manage your items is equally important. As a result, in this section of our website, you will find a variety of storage equipment to help you with your storage needs.

Storage Racking

Our storage racking solutions are available in a range of different styles and sizes. These include Rivet Racking, Steel Racking, Long-Span Racking shelving and Workbenches. Ask a member of our team if you need help in choosing the best storage solutions for your individual requirements. We can even offer local site visits if you are located in Hampshire or the surrounding areas.

Plastic Storage Boxes

We supply a variety of plastic storage boxes to suit all of your requirements. Many have a range of uses and can be used in commercial, industrial or home use. From small compartment boxes to warehouse storage bins, we will always be able to find a box that fits your storage needs.

Tube & Clamp Displays

A simple and yet versatile display system. Whilst mainly used to build wall systems in shops, this system is also great for garment rails at home or storage racking in a warehouse or garage. Choose from a range of accessories for our 32mm, 25mm and oval tubes.

Clothes Storage

Stock movement can be slow for some retailers, especially when transitioning between seasons. We appreciate that it is not always possible to keep your entire product range on display throughout the year. As a result, we provide a variety of clothing storage accessories, such as garment bags and covers for long-term storage and transportation.

Retail Packaging

Packaging and carrier bags are used by almost every retail store. We supply a range of bubble wrap, tissue paper and paper carrier bags to ensure your customer’s items are kept safe after purchase. In addition, our carrier and shopping bags come in a range of different colours, sizes, and levels of thickness. We even provide bespoke printed carrier bags.

Safety & Security

Want to increase your business’s security? Our range of security equipment will protect your business from thieves and shoplifters. Dummy cameras not only look realistic but also react to movement, providing an effective deterrent whilst saving you the time and money of installing an expensive CCTV system. Furthermore, security mirrors are an excellent cost-effective choice that allows you to keep an eye on blind areas of your store.

We are always on hand to help you find what you are looking for. Please Contact us if you have any questions.