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Female Three-Quarter Articulated Dummy

SKU: 205305
£407.54 ExVAT

Articulated Fibreglass Female Mannequin

SKU: 205220
£331.79 ExVAT

Articulated Male Mannequin

SKU: 206140
£293.55 ExVAT

Articulated Male Torso with Stand

SKU: 206150
£265.05 ExVAT

Articulated Female Tailors Dummy

SKU: 205280P
From £313.50 ExVAT

Articulated Female Mannequin

SKU: 206145
£265.05 ExVAT

Articulated Fibreglass Male Mannequin

SKU: 205235
£380.97 ExVAT

Articulated Male Tailors Dummy

SKU: 205285P
From £300.00 ExVAT

Articulated Female Torso with Stand

SKU: 206155
£255.55 ExVAT

Articulated Female Sitting Mannequin

SKU: 205265
£380.97 ExVAT

Articulated Mannequins

What is an Articulated Mannequin?

Articulated mannequins have a variety of poses and wooden arm finishes. Some articulated mannequins have fibreglass bodies that are white as standard but can be sprayed a different colour if needed. In addition, there are also some units with a cream, fabric finish. These units add to the atmosphere of a shop thanks to their classic retro feel, and the clean, tactile appearance is currently in fashion.

An articulated mannequin is almost identical in principle to a regular fibreglass or plastic mannequin. However, the addition of wooden arms makes them a much more versatile option. This allows you to position the mannequin in multiple poses, creating eye-catching displays. Furthermore, it even makes it easier to dress the mannequin thanks to the flexibility of the limbs, no need to remove them every time you want to change the outfit! All parts of the wooden arms can be moved, including the shoulder, elbow and fingers.

We offer one of the largest ranges of articulated mannequins. From full-size male and female to smaller, child displays, we can supply various poses including standing, sitting and or a stand.

In addition, if you’re going for a retro feel, a small retro letter board in a window display with your choice of frame colour is a perfect idea. Alternatively, combine our classic tube and clamp systems with an oxidised finish to make the displays pop.

Our articulated mannequins are perfect for vintage and boutique stores and ideal for creating striking displays. Contact our Display Experts for more information at 01329 842 000.