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Matt White Trouser Hangers (350 mm)

£1.25 ExVAT

Matt White Flat Top Hangers (400 mm)

£1.08 ExVAT

Matt White Broad Jacket Hangers (420 mm)

£2.80 ExVAT

Matt White Angled Suit Hangers (440 mm)

£1.14 ExVAT

White Satin Padded Hangers (420 mm) – 5 Pack

£4.70 ExVAT

Matt White Children’s Suit Hangers (300 mm)

£1.01 ExVAT

Matt White Wooden Hangers (440 mm) (100 Pc)

£153.04 ExVAT

White Hangers

What Are White Hangers?

White coat hangers are, rather undeniably, a humble but invaluable retail accessory. Primarily designed to hang clothes for display, their significance in retail settings extends beyond basic utility. In retail, coat hangers are the unassuming stagehands, ensuring every item is presented in its best light. They allow retailers to hang garments in an orderly fashion, boosting the overall shopping experience. Hangers bring a uniform look to displays, instilling a calming continuity that appeals to the customer’s eye. Their availability in different styles – tops, trousers, and kids, in various sizes and materials like wood and satin, ensures there’s a hanger to suit every garment in your collection.

How To Use White Hangers in a Shop

Consistency is the key in retail. Using the same colour hanger throughout your shop creates visual continuity, making every area flow seamlessly into the next. Arranging clothes on hangers is as easy as it sounds: pick the hanger style that best suits your garment, affix it, and place it on the rail. Invaluable tip: Use different hangers for different types of clothing to boost your display’s professionalism and organisation.

Our white coat hangers are not only cost-effective, but they also ensure all eyes are on your clothes, not the displays. Our range includes a variety of shapes that are suited to different clothing types. A white finish can give your store a bright and contemporary finish. Therefore, they are ideal for stores seeking a neutral and minimalistic setting. However, they are also great at lighting up those darker areas of your shop or storage areas.

Choosing The Right Hanger

White coat hangers look smart and allow clothes to be the most prominent thing to your customers. This is thanks to the versatility and cleanliness of a white finish. Our white satin padded clothes hangers provide a high-end feel to your store. Broader jacket hangers are also available and are well-suited to stores that wish to maintain the shape of their coats. In addition, our trouser hangers are great for hanging skirts and trousers.

All wooden clothes hangers can be branded with your logo using one of three methods. These include printed; where we can stamp your logo onto the hangers using a bespoke mould. Laser engraved; where we use a high-intensity laser to cut the logo onto the hanger. Lastly, we can also manufacture vinyl stickers with your logo that can be applied to all wooden hangers.

To conclude, we’re eager to help you elevate your retail game – our UK warehouse is stocked with versatile white hangers ready for dispatch. Purchase your white clothes hangers today and bring unmatched harmony and elegance to your store displays.

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