Matt White Wooden Hangers (440 mm) (100 Pc)

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PRICE: £71.55 Excl. VAT


The Display Centre supply a range of clothes hangers for shops. These white wooden hangers are one of many types available. They have flat tops to ensure that they hold your clothes properly. Their matt white finish makes it easy for your clothes to stand out. They are particularly effective for making dark and bright coloured clothing stand out. If you are merchandising white items, you may enjoy the subtle nature of these hangers. Alternatively, you may prefer to create some contrast with our black wooden hangers.

The notches on the tips of these hangers, ensure that you can easily present your merchandise neatly. They are particularly well suited to hanging t-shirts and tops.

White Wooden Hangers

  • 440mm from end to end
  • Pack of 100
  • Plain colour to ensure your merchandise stands out more than the display
  • Matt white finish
  • Perfect for hanging t-shirts, shirts and tops
  • Wooden
  • Brandable on request
  • Bulk discounts available
  • Notches to keep clothes in place
  • Flat top hangers
  • Available in small quantities should you wish to have excellent flat top hangers in your home

These hangers are already a cost effective option, but to make them even more so, you may wish to purchase quantities that meet the bulk discount price breaks.

To make these hangers even more effective, consider adding some hanger grips. Our hanger grips were created by one of our Display Centre directors and they are fantastic for retailers and home users alike. They are rubber strips that simply self-adhere to hangers to provide a non-slip finish. They come in both clear and black versions and are a great way to create the ultimate non-slip suit hanger.

If you require size cubes you can find them in our Fashion Accessories section.

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