What Are Pegboard Hooks?

Pegboard hooks are simple yet highly effective hooks designed for use with pegboard displays. They come in various sizes and styles, offering a near-limitless range of display possibilities. People commonly use them in shops, but they can also use them in workshops and homes. Their purpose is to organize tools, accessories, and other items.

Each hook excels in addressing the challenges of displaying small items that might otherwise prove tricky to hang. These hooks help retailers use wall space efficiently and provide customers with a simple shopping experience.

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Single Hook

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Euro Arms Pegboard (Heavy Duty)

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Round End Hook

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Euro Arms Pegboard (Light Duty)

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Single Prong Arms for Pegboard 1″ Pitch (Light Duty)

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Exhibition Hook

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Single Pegboard Prong (Medium Duty)

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Single Pegboard Prong (Heavy Duty)

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Ticket Carrier For Over-Arm (Pack Of 100)

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Epos Snap On (100 Pack)

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Direct Entry Euro-Hook Inc Over-Arm (100 Pack)

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Single Prong Arms for Pegboard (Medium Duty)

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Pegboard Hooks

Available in various sizes and styles, peg board hooks are suitable for virtually every type of display need. The most common types are euro hooks & single prongs that provide more space for hanging items. There are different types of hooks, like single hooks for odd-shaped items and round end hooks for items with handles.

Peg board hooks are also durable and long-lasting. Typically, manufacturers make them out of metal, which withstands the weight of heavy items without breaking or bending. Also, you can use them in both the wooden and metal pegboard displays.

How To Use a Pegboard Hook

To use pegboard hooks, insert them into the holes of a pegboard panel. The hooks must fit snugly into the holes to prevent them from falling out when items are hung on them. Installing pegboard hooks is a simple process that ensures your display is secure and professional-looking. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate pegboard hook size and style for your display needs.
  2. Align the hook’s angled prongs with the adjacent hole spacings in the pegboard.
  3. Insert the prongs fully into the holes, applying gentle pressure if necessary.
  4. Once in place, the hook’s angled prongs will grip the pegboard and prevent it from falling out.

One advantage of peg board hooks is that they are easy to adjust and rearrange. Hooks can be easily moved around to accommodate different items and configurations. Furthermore, this makes them ideal for environments where space is limited and flexibility is necessary.

In summary, pegboard hooks and pegboard accessories prove invaluable for retailers looking to display small items effectively and maximise wall space. With a multitude of sizes and styles in stock at our Fareham, UK warehouse, these versatile hooks are ready to transform your retail space.

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