Our price gun labels and ink rollers are great for pricing items in newsagents and gift shops. Read More…

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White Permanent Price Gun Labels (10 Rolls)

SKU: 485540
£26.78 ExVAT

Avery Dennison Monarch 1131 (8 Rolls) – Peelable Labels

SKU: 485560
£25.10 ExVAT

Avery Dennison Ink Roller For Price Guns

SKU: 485536
£3.11 ExVAT

Monarch 1131 Single Line Permanent Labels (8 Rolls)

SKU: 485555
£20.90 ExVAT

White Peelable Price Gun Labels (10 Rolls)

SKU: 485545
£27.72 ExVAT

Price Gun Monarch 1131 Ink Roller

SKU: 485565
£6.71 ExVAT

SATO 26 Price Gun Labels Yellow (18,000 Box)

SKU: 485115
£33.06 ExVAT

Price Gun Ink & Labels

Our price gun labels and ink rollers are great for pricing items in newsagents and gift shops.

Our range of Avery Dennison price gun ink and labels are high quality and easy to use. An Avery Dennison CAS1/8 price gun is ideal for those who would like a versatile price gun.

This is because it prints a variety of symbols and characters, allowing retailers to use it for stock labelling as well as pricing. In this section, you will find spare ink rollers and label refills. In addition, we supply ink rollers and price labels for the Avery Dennison Monarch 1131.

(how it works) We stock a variety of labels for a range of price guns in a choice of colours & sizes. The most popular colours are white and yellow, however, other colours are available upon request.

In addition to colour and size, one of the most important decisions when choosing your pricing gun labels is the application. Different adhesive types are often used for different purposes. For example, with most labels, you have a choice between peelable or permanent adhesive. Peelable adhesive allows the label to be removed, which is ideal for greeting cards or items that are intended on being a gift. On the other hand, labels with permanent adhesive are more difficult to remove. Therefore, this application should only be used when displaying important information, for example, “use by” dates.

How do you load labels into a price gun?

Loading labels into a price gun can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, some general steps apply to most price guns. Here is a general guide:

  • Open the price gun. Locate the cover of the price gun and open it. The cover might be on the side or the back of the gun, depending on the model.
  • Check the direction of the labels. Most price guns have an arrow or a diagram on the label roll that indicates the direction in which the labels should be loaded. Make sure you follow this direction to avoid jams or wasted labels.
  • Insert the label roll. Insert the label roll into the price gun, making sure that the labels are facing the correct direction and that the roll fits snugly into the gun. Depending on the model, you might need to feed the labels through a guide or a roller.
  • Close the cover. Once the labels are loaded, close the cover of the price gun. Make sure that it snaps securely into place.
  • Test the gun. To make sure that the labels are loaded correctly and that the gun is functioning properly, test it on a scrap piece of paper or label.

If you require a price gun, you may prefer to try one of our price gun starter kits which includes a price gun, 5 label rolls and 2 ink rollers.

Interested in our price gun labels? Contact our Display Experts to pick the right ones for your store on 01329 842 000