Avery Dennison Ink Roller For Price Guns

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PRICE: £3.45 Excl. VAT


This Avery Dennison ink roller is black and lasts for around 20,000 label impressions. Therefore, these are not only an accurate way of printing prices, but they are also highly cost effective.

This Avery Dennison ink roller is compatible with our Avery Dennison CAS1/8 price gun.  These price guns are popular as they are high quality and are extremely versatile. They can be used to print a variety of characters including numbers 0-9 and £, €, Fr., Kr., Kg, % and /. If you are planning on buying a new price gun, as well as this ink roller, you could save money by opting for one of our price gun starter kits. As these starter kits include a CAS1/8 pricing gun, 5 rolls of labels and 2 ink rollers.

Avery Dennison Ink Roller

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