White Peelable Price Gun Labels (10 Rolls)

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These are rolls of white peelable price gun labels for Avery Dennison price guns. These labels are sold in boxes that contain 10 rolls of 1,500 labels. Therefore, there are 15,000 price gun labels in each box. These white peelable price gun labels are ideal for retailers who would like their labels to be removable. This is ideal for stock take or for retailers who change their prices frequently. However, permanent labels are also available. Permanent labels are usually a popular choice for those who like their prices to stay put. Whereas these white peelable price gun labels are often preferred for stock control.

These Avery Dennison price labels are used to print prices or information on a single line with 8 characters.

White Peelable Price Gun Labels

These labels are compatible with our Avery Dennison CAS1/8 price guns.  These Avery Dennison CAS1/8 price guns are popular with retailers owing to their high quality print. In addition, they are versatile as they can be used to print a range of symbols including numbers 0-9 and £, €, Fr., Kr., Kg, % and /. This is ideal for those who would like to be able to print prices, discounts and dates. You could save money by opting for one of our price gun starter kits. As these starter kits include a CAS1/8 pricing gun, 5 rolls of labels and 2 ink rollers.

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