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Heavy Duty Junior Black Garment Rail With Wheels (122 cm)

SKU: 120305
£34.95 ExVAT

Children’s Black Double Clothes Rail on Wheels

SKU: 126095
£74.74 ExVAT

Children’s Extendable Clothes Rail

SKU: 125615
£45.04 ExVAT

Children’s Pink Clothes Rail on Wheels

SKU: 127118
£30.00 ExVAT

Children’s Clothes Rail on Wheels

SKU: 127097P
From £32.91 ExVAT

Children's Clothes Rails

With a shorter height than standard rails, our small rails are ideal for displaying childrenswear and smaller garments. These kids clothes rails are great for retail displays, stockrooms and warehouses. However, they are also elegant enough to be used in the home, making them ideal for a temporary house move or when your existing wardrobes are getting a bit tight. It is no surprise that our childrens clothing rails are such a popular product.

We have a range of black, chrome and white rails in stock.  The most frequently purchased style is a standard Childrens Clothes Rail on Wheels. This option is available in 3 colours and is easy to manoeuvre. A Pink Childrens Clothing Rail, on the other hand, would be a perfect option if you need a rail that sticks out from the crowd! Lastly, because it has an extendable top rail, a Childrens Extendable Clothes Rail is great for customers who may need some additional hanging space.

Childrens rails are easy to install and extremely adaptable. If they are on wheels, you may quickly disassemble or roll them away from view at any time. The rails can be installed and ready to use in just a few steps thanks to their secure pin system. A new rail will always include assembly instructions. In addition, the rails do not require tools to install.

Contact Us

Not only do we supply several different styles, but the majority of our childrens clothes rails are in stock. Rails can be delivered within 2-3 working days of order. If you need something urgently, please phone us at 01329 84200 and we will try our best to accommodate you.