Slatwall Gondola Units allow you to harness the versatility of traditional Slatwall fixtures, from a choice of freestanding displays. Read More…

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Flat-Pack Slatwall H Gondola – Large

SKU: 140219P
From £301.42 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Slatwall Gondola Tower

SKU: 140223P
From £244.04 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Slatwall 4-Way Gondola

SKU: 140221P
From £249.89 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Slatwall H Gondola -Small

SKU: 140217P
From £231.67 ExVAT

Slatwall Gondola Tower with Wheels

SKU: 140216P
From £623.33 ExVAT

Slatwall 4-Way Gondola with Wheels

SKU: 140215P
From £623.33 ExVAT

Slatwall H Gondola with Wheels

SKU: 140214P
From £623.33 ExVAT

Slatwall T Gondola with Wheels

SKU: 140213P
From £623.33 ExVAT

Slatwall H Gondola – Small

SKU: 140208P
From £594.83 ExVAT

Slatwall T Gondola – Small

SKU: 140206P
From £518.97 ExVAT

Slatwall Gondola Tower

SKU: 140212P
From £537.93 ExVAT

Slatwall 4-Way Gondola

SKU: 140211P
From £639.66 ExVAT

Slatwall H Gondola – Large

SKU: 140209P
From £753.45 ExVAT

Slatwall T Gondola – Large

SKU: 140207P
From £639.66 ExVAT

Slatwall Gondola Units

Slatwall Gondola Units are a space-saving display system with high merchandising capacity. Combined with traditional wall mounted displays, these units are much more versatile than many other freestanding systems. This is due to the choice of colours and finishes available for both the Slatwall Panels and the Slatwall Inserts.

Our large range of Slatwall Gondola Units are available in 2 assembly formats – flat-packed or built to order. If you have a smaller budget or require something quickly, then our flat-packed gondola’s are the best option for you. These flat-packed displays are usually available in 2-3 days. Alternatively, if you would like something more personalised and can wait a little longer, then our built to order units could be the best solution. These displays offer the benefit of a larger range of sizes, colours and finishes available, including complete bespoke displays.

Our freestanding range includes multiple different styles. These include Slatwall Gondola Towers (with or without wheels), Slatwall H Gondola’s, Slatwall T Gondola’s and Slatwall 4-Way Gondola’s.

An added benefit of choosing a wooden display gondola is the choice of accessories that are available. Not only are all of our Slatwall hooks, arms, brackets and acrylic Slatwall shelves compatible with these display gondola’s, but many are available from stock and can be delivered at the same time as the display.

So, if you are looking for a flexible, versatile and multi-functional display, then perhaps the Slatwall Gondola units might be just right for you?