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PVC Hinged Shelf Barker

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2 Fold Shelf Barker For 8″ x 3″ Ticket

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Shelf Barkers

As a retailer, you’re always looking for ways to attract customers and increase sales. One effective way to do this is by using shelf barkers. Shelf barkers are small sign holders that attach to the front of store shelves, providing additional information about products and promotions.

Shelf shouters offer several benefits for retailers, including drawing attention to specific products, highlighting promotions, and providing additional product information. By using shelf shouters effectively, retailers can increase sales and improve the customer experience.

When placing shelf talkers, retailers should position them where they are most visible to customers. They should also avoid cluttering the shelves with too many signs and ensure that the shelf barkers are consistent in size and design.

Tips for Using Effective Shelf Barkers

To create an effective display, retailers should use eye-catching designs and fonts, ensure the information is clear and concise, and keep them consistent with the store’s branding. It’s also important to update shelf barkers regularly and consider the overall store layout when placing them on the shelves.

Also, retailers should avoid using too much text, failing to update regularly, and not considering the overall store layout when placing on the shelves. These mistakes can lead to confusion and clutter, reducing the effectiveness of the shelf talker. Many successful retail shops have used shelf barkers effectively to increase sales and improve the customer experience. For example, a store may use a barker to highlight seasonal produce or promote a sale on a specific product.

We stock a large variety of different-sized shelf barkers for retailers, stores, and supermarkets that find them useful in particular. Our PVC-hinged shelf talkers clip onto most standard ticket edges and are useful for retailers who would like to be able to easily lift their prices out of the way to be able to see the product. As well as our hinged shelf talkers, there are also 2-fold shelf barker options. These are also shelf label holders but they are made from clear PETG.

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