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Flat-Pack Glass Display Cabinet with Lights

SKU: 390670P
From £572.85 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Display Showcase – 1/3 Glass

SKU: 390600P
From £471.90 ExVAT

Double Door Flat-Pack Tower Display Cabinet with Lights

SKU: 390720P
From £684.00 ExVAT

Single Door Flat-Pack Jewellery Display Cabinet

SKU: 390700P
From £490.99 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Corner Aluminium Showcase 2/3 Glass

SKU: 390650P
From £639.87 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Aluminium Wall Mount Display Cabinet

SKU: 390760
£333.69 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Glass Showcase 2/3 Glass – Black or Aluminium

SKU: 390630P
From £572.85 ExVAT

Glass Display Showcase Tall Extra Wide

SKU: 390125
£1845.36 ExVAT

Glass Display Showcase Tall Extra Wide inc Storage

SKU: 390130
£1873.62 ExVAT

Tall Narrow Glass Display Showcase

SKU: 390115
£1244.95 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Aluminium Tower Corner Showcase

SKU: 390755
£737.45 ExVAT

Frameless Double Door Tower Showcase

SKU: 390745P
From £630.63 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Frameless Single Door Tower Glass Display Showcase

SKU: 390735P
From £489.19 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Corner Glass Display Showcase

SKU: 390690P
From £639.87 ExVAT

Flat-Pack Corner 1/3 Glass Aluminium Showcase

SKU: 390620P
From £557.26 ExVAT

Glass Display Showcase Tall Wide

SKU: 390120
£1764.14 ExVAT

Glass Display Showcase Tall Narrow Inc Storage

SKU: 390110
£1343.84 ExVAT

Glass Showcases

What are Glass Showcases?

A glass showcase is simply an enclosed, visible cabinet that allows retailers to display products behind glass. They combine the crucial elements of aesthetics, protection, and item emphasis.

A glass display case has a practical design, providing security while showcasing products beautifully. Whether you are displaying electronics, fragrances, or exclusive limited editions, these cases bring an element of luxury and class to your store. The true versatility of a glass showcase rests in the fact that they are available in various sizes and colours to suit every retailer. Whether your interior aesthetic hinges on sleek black or modern aluminium, a glass display case is waiting to blend into your shop floor.

Glass showcases are essential for any retailer aiming to draw customer attention and promote goods. They are designed to showcase products in appealing and visually stimulating ways, engage customers and encourage them to buy. Different glass showcases can be used effectively for jewellery, clothing, or electronics.

How to Choose The Right Showcase

A pro tip to get the most from your glass showcase is to use it strategically to highlight seasonal items or bestsellers. Lighting within the display case can also enhance the visibility and features of your products, creating an irresistible visual hook for your customers. Assembling a flat-packed glass display case is a straightforward process. Follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure your showcase is set up securely and correctly.

Glass, metal, and wood are typically used in constructing shop display cases. These materials have been chosen for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. When building shop glass cabinets, lighting, visibility, and ease of access should always be considered. Proper lighting can improve product visibility, while easy access can encourage customers to interact with them.

Shop display showcases come in many styles, including floor-standing, wall-mounted, and countertop displays. Floor-standing showcases are best for large items, whereas wall-mounted showcases are better for smaller items and can be used to create visually appealing displays. Countertop displays are ideal for smaller items and can be placed near the checkout counter to encourage impulse purchases.

Each type of glass showcase has its benefits and limitations and is best suited for different retail environments. For example, a jewellery store may benefit from a floor-standing showcase to showcase high-end products, while a clothing store may use wall-mounted displays to showcase accessories.

Discover our Glass Showcase Range

We supply a range of display cabinets with frames that are perfect for exhibiting a range of goods including jewellery, ornaments, and accessories.

Our glass showcase towers are available in a variety of heights and shapes. You can have your display showcase finished in silver or black. In addition, you can also choose to include lights in your design. Furthermore, there are lockable options to keep valuable items secure in your shop. If you need more storage space, select a cabinet with a storage compartment at the bottom.

The Display Centre supplies over 4,000 retail displays and business supplies. For more information about this, or any of our products, please use our Contact Us page.