Articulated mannequins have wooden arms and add to the atmosphere of a shop. Read more…

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Child 10-12 Articulated Mannequin

£178.95 ExVAT

Child 4-6 Articulated Mannequin

£169.95 ExVAT

Child 6-8 Articulated Mannequin

£174.95 ExVAT

Child Articulated Mannequin Age 2-4

£164.95 ExVAT

Female Articulated Mannequin With Straight Legs

£214.95 ExVAT

Female Sitting Articulated Mannequin

£287.75 ExVAT

Female Tailors’ Dummy With Wooden Arms

£208.50 ExVAT

Female Three-Quarter Articulated Dummy

£299.95 ExVAT

Female Vintage Articulated Mannequin

£287.75 ExVAT

Female Vintage Style Articulated Dummy

£276.25 ExVAT

Male Articulated Dummy With Shaped Base

£208.50 ExVAT

Male Articulated Mannequin, Left Relaxed Pose

£230.42 ExVAT

Articulated Mannequins

Our range of articulated mannequins have a variety of poses and wooden arm finishes. The articulated mannequins have fibreglass bodies which are white as standard but can be sprayed a different colour if needed. These really add to the atmosphere of a shop thanks to their classic retro feel, and the clean, tactile appearance is currently in fashion.

If you’re going for a retro feel, a small retro letter board in a window display with your choice of frame colour is a perfect idea. Alternatively, you could combine our classic tube and clamp systems with an oxidised finish to really make the displays pop.

Perfect for vintage and boutique stores, our mannequins are ideal for creating striking displays. Contact our Display Experts for more information on 01329 842 000