We’ve created hanger grips, adjusted to suit hangers of many shapes and sizes. They’re efficient, easy to use and will keep your clothes on your hangers where they belong.  Read more…

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GraylinGrips: Narrow Clear Hanger Grips

SKU: 260930P
From £14.16 ExVAT

Non Slip Broad Grips for Hangers

SKU: 260910P
From £14.16 ExVAT

GraylinGrips: Clear Knitwear Hanger Grips

SKU: 260945P
From £14.17 ExVAT

Hanger Slip Nots (100 Or 1000 Pieces)

SKU: 260706P
From £8.50 ExVAT

GraylinGrips: Narrow Black Hanger Grips

SKU: 260920P
From £8.95 ExVAT

Hanger Grip Retail Packs: Narrow Black (12 Pieces)

SKU: 251005
£2.82 ExVAT

Hanger Grip Retail Packs: Broad Clear (12 Pieces)

SKU: 251020
£3.24 ExVAT

Hanger Grips Retail Packs: Knitwear Black (12 Pieces)

SKU: 251025
£3.67 ExVAT

Hanger Grip Retail Packs: Broad Black (12 Pieces)

SKU: 251015
£4.37 ExVAT

Hanger Grips

The Display Centre are the manufacturer and distributor of the original hanger grips for coat hangers. Often referred to by the brand name GraylinGrips or shoulder grips, this product is the perfect solution to stop clothes from falling off those slippery wooden hangers.

Our hanger grips are manufactured from a strong rubber material with self-adhesive on the rear. They are available in both black and clear options. Simply peel the back strip and stick them straight onto your hanger to provide additional grip. If you wish to remove them, they can be easily peeled off the hanger without leaving any sticky residue behind. Furthermore, they also provide additional protection to the garments, which is ideal for garments such as jumpers and cardigans.

They are available in packs of 12 or 1,000, so whether you want to use them in your shop or at home, you can choose a quantity to suit you. Therefore, these shoulder grips are an ideal solution if you already have hangers without the built-in grip feature. By simply adding these grips there is no need to go to the expense of upgrading your hangers.

If you would like more information about our hanger grips or about stocking as a retailer, please call one of our Display Experts on 01329 842 000